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Why Should Your Business Invest In A Data Lake?

Learn more about data lakes and why they’re essential for your business practice.

The modern age has seen many businesses transition from traditional physical filing to virtual data storage. Yet this major upgrade has not come without its fair share of hiccups. With terabytes worth of data to process, transfer and organise, it’s no surprise some files get lost in transition.

There’re plenty of existing tools to help streamline the process. Yet none of them holds a candle to a data lake’s versatility, organisation, and processing size. Read on to learn more about data lakes and why they’re essential for your business practice.

What is a Data Lake?

Data management and organisation can seem as complicated as games inside a casino, but it’s made simple with a data lake. A data lake is similar to the cloud in that it stores data from virtually any source in a central hub, but it comes with greater processing capability than the cloud.

The data lake holds a bottomless well of storage that’s perfect for organising unstructured, semistructured, and structured data. It stores data in its raw form in real-time, regardless of its size or source. Users can sort, catalogue, and connect analytics with advanced learning software inside the lake, all from one location.

The best part is that all forms of data are securely stored and protected regardless of size or scale. Simply put, a data lake is an all-in-one storage, safe, and processing tool, perfect for any business.

How it will Help your Business

A data lake is valuable thanks to all its user-friendly tools and functions, but some aren’t sold on the idea. Many UK residents struggle with managing unstructured data but find most analytic tools challenging. Yet 42% of residents are interested in investing in data lakes sometime in the near future.

Here are some quick business benefits of upgrading to a data lake:

  • Streamlined storage from multiple locations
  • Unlimited storage size
  • Capable of storing data in all forms
  • Safe and secure file and data storage
  • Ability to search, sort, and categorise stored data
  • More cost-effective than data warehouses
  • Run cloud and web-friendly applications
  • Analyses data through AI and machine learning tools

Though a data lake may seem intimidating, many sources offer free training to help better use the tool. These digital courses will teach you the many uses of a data lake and how to perfect your digital analytic skills. Additionally, services offer free hands-on trials, letting you test the data lake and see if it’s right for your growing business.

Keeping Everything Secure

There’re many useful tools for businesses to access online. These technological advancements help business owners build a more authentic image of their products and services for them and their customers. Yet no tool is as useful for big business data logging and storage as a data lake.

Don’t settle for unsecured or archaic storage of your important business data. Upgrade to a data lake today and reap the benefits of high-quality, streamlined data and analytic management.

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