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Which Language is Easiest to Learn?

Learning a new language by approaching it in the right way.

The challenge of learning a new language isn’t always the same every time. How easy or difficult it is comes down partly to your motivation levels and dedication, but it is also true that some languages are easier than others to learn. So, which are the simplest options?

English Has Difficult Rules, But Is Easy to Practice

Anyone who has learned English as a second language knows that it has some complicated and confusing rules. A look at some of the most mystifying rules in the English language is enough to have any student scratching their head. Since English has borrowed words from Latin, French, Germanic languages, and other sources, most people will find some words that sound familiar, though.

One of the positive points about this language is that it is so easy to practice. English speakers are found all over the world and there are lots of songs and movies in English that help to get us used to hearing it being used. This is by far the most common lingua franca in the world today, so you might be surprised at how many people you can practice with who aren’t native speakers either.   

There are English classes held all over the world and you might decide to use online language platforms to get some private lessons. You can start by looking for certified tutors with relevant experience and with an hourly cost that suits your budget. Booking a trial lesson lets you see that it is right for you before committing to a package of classes and is a structured, fun way to learn.

Spanish Is Phonetic and Fun

Spanish offers a huge advantage to people learning it, as it is entirely phonetic. All you have to do is learn the alphabet and you are able to pronounce every word you come across. This is very different from a language like English or French, where you need to put effort into learning to write it and then more effort into speaking it.

With Spanish, a lot of the effort comes from learning the worryingly long list of verb conjugations. Apart from that, you might be confused by the variety of accents you come across, with different regions of Spain and Latin America each having their own distinctive ways of speaking that could throw you off at first.

It is a wonderfully flowing, rhyming language that makes it ideal for music and poems too, giving you interesting ways of getting to grips with Spanish and building up a bigger vocabulary while having fun. If English is your native language, there are many words in Spanish that you will understand as soon as you see them, so you can start speaking more quickly than you imagine.

Norwegian Sounds Similar to English

Wouldn’t it be great to discover a foreign language that sounds similar to your native tongue? That is the case for English speakers who look to pick up Norwegian. They are both languages with Germanic roots and this means that you may even hear complete phrases that make sense if you change the accent slightly and look for English equivalents. This makes it arguably one of the easiest languages to learn.

Unlike with the other languages we have looked at here, finding a way to study and practice Norwegian can be an issue. Even if you travel to Norway, you will find that most Norwegians speak excellent English, with a lot of them taking university studies in English and practicing it daily.  

Italian Has Words with Latin Roots

Italian is a language that sounds easy due to its melodic quality, and speakers of English and the Romance languages should certainly find that it isn’t something to be feared. The Latin roots of numerous English words make them similar to their Italian equivalents, which can lead to some delightful surprises when you are studying it.

That’s not to say that the Italian language is without its challenges. Verb conjugations and lots of different tenses are among the things that you need to overcome to speak it well. There are also lots of exceptions to the rules, which can be difficult to remember. However, the sheer pleasure of hearing the Italian words rolling out of your mouth should help you to quickly forget about any setbacks you experience.


The truth is that you can learn any new language without too many problems if you approach it in the right way. By putting a huge amount of genuine interest and enthusiasm into it, you can quickly learn from your mistakes and start to see improvements.

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