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What Are The Latest Innovations At Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Breakthrough innovations at Amazon Web Services (AWS) you need to keep up with.

Innovators at Amazon Web Services (AWS) are constantly devising new, groundbreaking, and revolutionary ideas. The AWS cloud computing platform is constantly looking to leverage the latest technologies, capabilities, services, and features. The concept of innovation is central to Amazon’s business mission, operating philosophy, and corporate approach. If your organization is currently using AWS to support your cloud IT infrastructure, you need to keep up with the latest happenings. This way, you can leverage these breakthrough innovations to propel your business forward. Read on to learn about the latest innovations at Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Amazon S3 Object Storage

Amazon Web Service’s S3 object storage platform is widely-known for fortified security, industry-leading performance, and reliable data availability. Using S3, teams can build data lakes, protect cloud-native app data, and enable fine-grained access control. This cloud object storage service was developed to collect, store, and retrieve high volumes of data – collected from any geographic location. With advanced S3 storage classes, you won’t need to invest valuable time, energy, and resources into costly hardware refresh cycles. This way, you can archive essential data with minimal costs, less operational complexity, and new insightful analytics. Certainly, Amazon S3 object storage services are one of the latest groundbreaking innovations from AWS. 

Compatible Cloud Migration And Cloud Storage

Many tech teams that work with AWS additionally use compatible development tools to streamline cloud migration and cloud storage. An international, multi-billion dollar financial institution used Cloud migration capabilities from the JFrog Platform to shift active workloads with limited interruption of daily production. The company later employed JFrog Artifactory’s Cloud storage feature to archive legacy data to low-cost, Amazon Web Services environments. Using this powerful toolset, the agency was able to create role-based permission, promote immutable builds, and establish a single source of truth. Ultimately, this significantly accelerates cloud-native application developments, defends against vulnerabilities, and empowers high-availability scaling. Surely, teams continue to work with AWS-compatible resources for cloud migration and cloud storage. 

Digital Innovation Teams

Amazon has always been renowned for their customer service and support. At AWS, digital innovation teams provide custom-tailored support based on your unique business needs, goals, and requirements. They’ll help you receive specialist service and enroll in AWS innovation programs. This way, you can discover new innovation, scalability, and growth opportunities that push your business forward. Plus, Amazon Web Service makes it easy to connect with the community, join events, and discover inspiring success stories. Plus, read up on case studies and gain insights from enterprise strategists – all helping to streamline your innovation learning journey. Indeed, digital innovation teams are an excellent resources offered from Amazon Web Services. 

Enterprise Blockchain Services

With blockchain continuing as one of the biggest tech trends of the 2020’s – Amazon Web Services provides the functionality, service, and support that modern businesses need. AWS offers purpose-built resources that can maintain centralized databases, immutably cryptographic records, or multi-party networks. Embrace these solutions to block intermediaries, access broader ecosystems, and securely handle transactions. Today, AWS remains one of the most widely used and trusted solutions for enterprise customers in a diverse range of industries. In fact, approximately one-quarter of all global Ethereum workloads run on Amazon Web Services. Definitely, enterprise blockchain services are one of the latest and greatest tech innovations from AWS. 

Customer Experience (CX) Obsession

For years now, Amazon Web Services has been said to have a bit of a customer experience (CX) obsession. This commitment and dedication to CX goes hand in hand with AWS’s innovation-focused strategy. AWS cloud constantly posts its above 99% customer retention rate – largely in-part to their top-quality services and customer experience support. It’s the perfect choice for tech-savvy businesses, who also consider themselves customer-centric and obsessed. Working with AWS, you should expect a constant state of innovation. New features, capabilities, and offerings are constantly being released – simplifying, advancing, and future-proofing your organization. Absolutely, look at the undeniably customer experience obsession from Amazon Web Services. 

There are several breakthrough innovations to consider from Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS’s S3 object storage service has had a major impact on cloud environment operations. In addition, many teams use AWS compatible tools, resources, and supporting technologies for cloud migration and storage. Also, Amazon Web Services has been known to have an obsession with customer experience (CX). The company remains committed to servicing their customers through digital innovation support teams. Plus, take a look at some of their advanced, powerful services for blockchain and crypto ledger management. Follow the points above to learn about the latest innovations at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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