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AWS Tips

Understanding the benefits of Amazon Web Services

Its unique features and services have made it one of the most popular cloud computing service providers.

Amazon is a one-stop virtual shop for all your needs.

Whatever is it that you want – be it gadgets (like mobile phones, gaming consoles, etc), electronics (like fridge, AC, toaster, etc),  books, soft-toys, makeup (like eyeliners, lipsticks, Vitamin C serum, etc) or anything else, you can get it all with a few clicks on the Amazon website or app.

But Amazon is not only a buying platform. It has various other tech ventures which are equally mind-blowing and useful. Jeff Bezos has really outdone himself in creating Amazon. One such interesting service is Amazon Web Services (AWS). – A cloud computing platform.

Let us try to understand what it is and what its uses and benefits are.

AWS or Amazon Web Services was launched in the early 2000s and since then it has become a global leader in the cloud computing industry. It offers various on-demand services and operations like database storage, networking, compute, etc. Its unique features and services have made it one of the most popular cloud computing service providers.

Currently, it is dominating the public cloud market with a 39% share.
You might be surprised to know that it has even been positioned at the top in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant of Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) multiple times. Small, big, and very big firms trust AWS for its robust technology and use it for various things, including data processing, warehousing, game development, and so on.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of Amazon Web Services in detail: 

1. Safety

AWS takes its security seriously. It is a durable and secure tech platform that ensures the integrity of your data and its security. AWS’s data centers are loaded with several layers of physical, operational, and technical security. It even offers documentation of how to deploy the security AWS features and provides end-to-end privacy. 

AWS keeps on updating and enriching its security features to maintain the confidentiality of your data. It even conducts regular audits to ensure infrastructural security.

2. It is cost-effective

It doesn’t matter if you are a small startup or are a huge enterprise; when it comes to pricing, AWS will have something for you that will cover your needs. One of the best things about this cloud services platform is that it offers a ‘Pay as you go, model’. This means that you have to pay for the resources that you use in volumes and for the duration that you use them. You get charged on a per-minute basis.

Apart from this, you can also choose other plans that match your specific business requirement. Here is a couple of AWS costing plans that you can choose from:

A. Use More, Pay Less
As the name suggests, the more you use, the less you pay. This plan can be availed for specific AWS services like S3 or data transfer OUT from EC2. 

B. AWS Free Tier

You get 60 AWS services for free when you create a new account.

There are a couple of more pricing plans which you can check on their website. 

3. Flexibility & Customization options

Amazon Web Services is not a rigid platform, rather it is a platform agnostic. This enables you to operate in various systems and languages. It gives you the freedom to select the programming model or development platform that you deem fit for your business.

As a business, you receive the ideal virtual environment which is compatible with their specifications and allows them to access software and services that match their requirements.

Also, the wide range of programming languages, operating systems, architectures, and databases will provide you with the flexibility to pick and choose specifics while working.

4. Adaptability & Scalability

AWS provides all the assets that you might require to enhance your IT framework. It does not matter if you are moving your business into the cloud for the first time, AWS’s model helps in scaling assets up or down and customizes itself to your business needs. You do not need to worry when the volume becomes an issue or when your necessities start varying. 

Its auto-scaling feature formulates, creates, and adjusts the framework according to your actual requirement. Amazon Machine Images dispose of the need to rehash the set-up stages and allows you to turn up clones for numerous areas in just a couple of minutes.

5. API

This allows you complete control over the resources that you use. AWS supports a lot of APIs and SDKs that empower businesses to stay on top of everything. Be it taking a data backup or even launching instances, all of this can be done without any friction. 

Another biggest advantage of AWS is innovation. The fact that it is committed to innovation and enhancement, leads to constant betterment of the service platform. It adds more trust to the platform and gives it the tag of being one of the most reliable cloud computing platforms in the world.

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