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Top 7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Amazon Web Services (AWS)

If you’re planning to migrate to the cloud, you may want to consider Amazon Web Service (AWS), one of the most popular cloud service providers.

For the longest time, cloud computing was considered something that only big corporations could invest in, and small companies couldn’t benefit from. 

However, today, approximately 96% of businesses across the U.S use the cloud either directly or indirectly. Therefore, smaller businesses have also adopted the cloud. If you’re planning to migrate to the cloud, you may want to consider Amazon Web Service (AWS), one of the most popular cloud service providers. 

Below are a few reasons why you should choose to work with AWS.

AWS has approximately 99.95% uptime

With AWS, your website will have an uptime of 99.95%, which is much better than any other hosting solution. Keep in mind that your business uptime is very important. You don’t want to lose business because of a server issue.

Help you create applications

As a small business owner, you obviously have a web presence, but do you have a phone presence? You can hire an AWS Development Services provider to take care of it. With AWS, they can configure features for your mobile apps by developing backend logic, user authentication, push notifications, data storage, and analytics.

It reduces infrastructure costs

AWS will only bill you for the services you’ve used, which means that you have full control over the costs and can reduce or fully eliminate the costs that come with hardware and infrastructure. Remember that you won’t have to incur management and system administration costs. This means that it’s cost-efficient to use AWS in the long run rather than investing in an in-house system.

A variety of resource tools

Ultimately, AWS has everything that your business will need. Most hosting services will only offer a few services and tools. In comparison, AWS offers computing power, security, storage space, and networking. Therefore, you can use their hosting services and still use their storage resources to upload or share files easily with coworkers or clients.

You need to expand your storage space

Storing your business data can get tricky at some point, especially if you find that you’re always running out of storage or money to store vital business information securely. You can make use of the limitless storage offered by AWS. This will give you access to enough storage for your business data. What’s more, you can control the number of people who have access to the storage.

You can easily get started

You simply need to create an Amazon Web Services account and a little cloud computing knowledge to get started with AWS. You can find several tutorials online to help you learn the ropes if need be. However, even without using the online tutorials, you’ll discover that using AWS is easy. In addition, AWS has a free usage tier that you can use to test their services before you finally commit yourself.

It’s ideal for e-commerce businesses

One of the services offered by AWS is cloud services. They offer excellent solutions for e-commerce companies and businesses that focus on online sales. Although the speed of your website is an important factor, there are other essential factors you should consider, like the effective management of transactions. 

For instance, you can use the Amazon Merchant account technology to help you manage orders easily without the need for human support.

Bottom Line

Unlike the old days, business technology isn’t just about having a computer printer and some computer applications. Technology is now an important part of running your business. Therefore, if you’ve been in a situation whereby your data is on one system and your website and emails are on another, then you should highly consider Amazon Web Services.

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