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Tips For Saving Money On Your Next European Vacation

Ways to save money on your next European vacation.

Planning on visiting Europe soon? Before you begin thinking about what sites you want to see, how you’re going to get there, and where you’ll stay, take some time to save money on the trip itself and your daily life when you’re there. Here are 9 ways to save money in Europe so you can have more money left over for souvenirs, delicious meals, and unique experiences.

Book your flight as early as possible

Booking your flights early is one of the easiest ways to save money. The closer you book your flight, the more likely it is to be cheaper. Generally, the best time to book flights is about a month before your desired departure date. Once you’ve selected your destination and dates, look at fare comparisons between airlines or travel agencies. Check multiple booking sites and compare prices as they can vary by hundreds of dollars depending on the day and hour that you purchase them. Consider purchasing a round-trip ticket instead of a one-way ticket. One way tickets are cheaper than round trip tickets for a reason.

Pack light

This might seem like a no-brainer, but packing light is the key to saving money on your next vacation. The more you pack, the more you have to pay for baggage fees. Plus, with all of the extra weight in your luggage, it will take longer to get through security when leaving and returning to the airport. And lastly, did you know that hotels offer a cheaper price if you book only one night instead of two? Consider staying just one night at your destination and spending the rest of your time travelling around Europe. You’ll still be able to see plenty without breaking the bank.

Book your hotel in advance

Booking your hotel in advance is a good idea because it will typically be cheaper and you will know what your accommodations are before you even get to Europe. It also makes finding the rest of your trip’s accommodations easier, since many hotels offer discounts on tours or other services if you stay with them. Booking your hotel in advance is a good idea because it will typically be cheaper and you will know what your accommodations are before you even get to Europe.

Get the best value for your money

Consider buying a rail pass. You can purchase a pass that allows you to ride on any train in Europe without having to buy tickets beforehand. This will save you money and let you choose where and when you want to visit certain places, so it’s perfect for the spontaneous traveller.

Plan your route ahead of time – this will help you save money on food, lodging, and transportation costs. Check out websites like Airbnb or Couchsurfing to find inexpensive lodgings, and use sites like EatYourWorld or Airfarewatchdog to compare flights before booking one. Be sure not to forget about exchanging currency at your bank.

Purchase travel insurance

Travel insurance is a must-have for any traveller. A little bit of extra planning can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run. The only downside is the cost, but it’s worth it if you’re travelling to Europe and want to make sure everything goes as planned without getting out of pocket costs.

Consider flying with an airline that offers low rates. You can check fares and see which airlines offer discounted rates.

Take advantage of free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is a great way to save on your next vacation. Most coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels offer free Wi-Fi for their customers. If you’re staying in an Airbnb, make sure to ask about the Wi-Fi situation before you book your trip. You can also find free Wi-Fi at many airports and libraries as well. Travellers often spend a lot of time waiting around for flights or sitting in transit terminals where they can get access to free Wi-Fi. One of the most effective ways to save money on your European vacation is by packing light. Whenever possible, limit yourself to one carry-on bag with no checked luggage when travelling abroad because this will cut down on travel costs significantly.

Take advantage of road trips

Road trips in France are the best way to see France while on a budget. These are two popular spots to check out: a road trip from Paris to Bordeaux, and another from Paris to Normandy. The most important thing to remember is that you need a rental car with good gas mileage, full coverage insurance and someone in your group who knows how to drive stick shift.

Stay at hostels

Hostels are a great way to save money on your next European vacation. Hostels are often cheaper than hotels, and they offer more bang for your buck. Plus, you’ll have a chance to meet people from all around the world. Keep in mind that some hostels require membership cards, but many don’t. You can always buy one if it’s not included with your stay.

Most hostels don’t provide towels or linens, so be sure to bring these items with you before checking in at the front desk.

Use credit cards to save on currency exchange rates

If you’re going to be using a credit card to withdraw local currency, make sure that the card has no foreign transaction fee. This will allow you to get the best conversion rate possible without paying additional fees. In addition, if you have a card with no annual fee, it’s worth keeping it open just for travelling purposes.

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