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The Platform That Solves Inventory Dilemma: EpiCar

A platform developed to assist dealers in sorting out their inventory shortage dilemmas.

EpiCar is a brand-new platform developed to assist dealers in sorting out their inventory shortage dilemmas. It gives you direct access to a wide range of primary inventory from private sellers.

With EpiCar, dealers can:

  • Find top vehicles offered by private owners and buy them through online bidding.
  • Advanced predictive analytics and AI-evaluated vehicle condition reports to avail accurate evaluations on profitability, sale duration, and inventory gaps for informed decision-making.
  • Can deal with private sellers, hence eliminating middlemen and making your deals transparent and not marked up.
  • Sell your car fast

EpiCar started its journey with comprehensive dealer surveys and in-depth interviews to understand what the most pressing pain points within the industry were. The overwhelming consensus came back: “Sourcing profitable inventory” was what almost everybody referred to as a huge pain point.

The company addressed this issue by integrating the dealers directly with the car owners, whose vehicles are quickly made available for bidding and acquisition. EpiCar has tools for predictive analytics for them to assess the vehicle in line for profitability, duration of sale, and inventory gaps.

Dealers could now bid and purchase items from virtually anywhere on whatever gadget they had, hence modernizing the traditional auction.

EpiCar provides personalization to your exact need: whether it is luxury vehicle sellers from New York or rugged trucks from dealers in Texas. Using priority notifications, the platform accords dealers the advantage of being the first to bid on prime listings. 

EpiCar will hold its first auction on June 17th. For the first time, they’re going to auction a vehicle free of commission so that dealers can buy it. Contact for more information.

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