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The Benefits of Cloud Computing and Why it is the Future of Business

A quick guide on why cloud computing is the future of commerce – and the benefits included.

A quick guide on why cloud computing is the future of commerce – and the benefits included.

Figure 1 Cloud computing services have been revolutionary

A few years ago you couldn’t go ten minutes without hearing about the cloud. This revolutionary innovation was going to change the way people worked forever. In a way, it did. But for most individuals, the most they got out of cloud computing was being able to save more photos and documents than they had been able to before.

After that flurry of excitement, the idea of cloud computing went quiet for most people. The reality was that thousands of businesses and millions of people around the world were reaping the benefits of cloud computing without really giving it a second thought. And that is exactly how we like it.

Some of the best and most popular digital innovations are used without bothering to know the machinations behind them. All the best betting sites are now available after gambling restrictions were eased. You can just log on and place a bet without having to think about the way the transaction is completed. The same is true for the myriad of food delivery services – just log on and order.

Cloud computing has become the default way that international business is conducted. But if you really want to know why it is the future of commerce – and the benefits included – here is a quick guide.

Saves Money

It shouldn’t always be the most important factor when you are making decisions about your business. But the fact that cloud computing can save you money has to be considered. Usually, businesses are able to pay for just the services they use with any cloud supplier – so the savings are continuous.

But the main cost saving is when it comes to equipment. There is no need to invest in hardware, offices, or data centers when you use off-premise services. Cloud computing fits nicely into the modern way of remote working as well, where we have all gotten used to not having to all be in the same place at the same time.

Advanced Security

One of the worries about cloud computing is that it will be less secure as it is off-site. In fact, most cloud solutions bring an advanced level of security because of the fact that you are trusting a third party to look after this aspect of the business. This way, cybercrime is actually less likely to occur.

Any reputable cloud computing service will have a full range of security implementations that make sure that all your information is well looked after. Whether it is firewalls, encryption, or just automated security updates, these companies will provide extra levels of security to put your mind at ease.


If we think back to a time before cloud solutions, everyone involved with a particular project would have to be in the same place at the same time in order to work together. These days there is almost no limit to the ways that people can collaborate on the same work, even when they are continents apart.

As long as there is a healthy internet connection, individuals can access data wherever they are. We mentioned the move to remote working earlier and cloud solutions allow this to remain a collaborative measure. If anything, cloud computing enhances teamwork and collective responsibility.


Everything can be done quicker with cloud solutions. There are no more on-site latency issues concerning outdated hardware or software. Any reputable cloud provider will have the latest and fastest equipment to allow you and your business to concentrate on getting the job done.

It is not just the speed of the equipment though. If anything does go wrong, disaster recovery is quicker and not something you even have to worry about. Testing and new products can be rolled out in a shorter time because of the way that developers and designers can work together, even if they are not in the same physical location. Speed is key to future business success and cloud computing gives you that.

Figure 2 Cloud platforms bring enhanced speed to almost every aspect of business


One aspect of any future business that has to be addressed and made a priority is the environmental impact. Although it has not always been easy, it does seem as though we, as the human race, are acknowledging that something needs to be done to shape a better and sustainable future. Using a cloud platform will definitely help with that.

Any business using any kind of online aspect should be thinking about reducing its carbon footprint. The amount of energy used by businesses and technology has been a problem for too long. But by switching to a cloud platform, that carbon footprint is drastically reduced. Off-site solutions and cloud companies with an eye on new, greener technology, can help you secure the future of the planet alongside all the other benefits outlined here.

Cloud Platforms are the Present and the Future

There will always be some limitations to cloud computing – and risks that come along with deciding to use a third party and off-site services to store information, provide databases, and any other on-demand resources. But it is also clear that the advantages far outweigh any negatives.

It is actually quite rare for any reasonable-sized business to not be using some kind of cloud computing service these days. It also doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing deal, as hybrid working is very popular too. As cloud services become even more sustainable, this sector is only going to grow and become a default way of doing things, with an ease of use we don’t really even think about.

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