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SSL Certificates: How Online Gaming Sites Ensure Safe Play

How SSL secures sensitive data in online gaming.

The UK’s online gaming market has significantly risen in the past year. Estimates indicate that there are 46.7 million gamers. An estimated 30.6 million people visited online gaming websites using desktops or mobile phones. Analysts predict that this number will continue to rise until 2027. 

With online gaming expanding rapidly by the day, the big question in providers’ minds is how to secure their sites. Online gaming often involves sharing of sensitive personal and banking data. If not well secured, this data can expose cyber attacks. Thanks to advancements in technology, we have SSL for this.

What is SSL?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) provides information about a webserver to web users as they visit casino sites, gaming sites and similar over an encrypted connection. This data encryption technology, also known as cryptography encodes web users’ data as it is transmitted between the user and the website. 

At the end of the chain, the website has a secure decryption key they use to read the data. Without SSL, players’ data on gaming sites, including login keys and credit card details, is shared as plain text, which anyone can access.

Why Play Only on SSL Certified Sites

You must play on an encrypted site, especially when playing real money games. Financial data is very sensitive and can be devastating in the wrong hands. You don’t want cyber criminals over-drafting your credit cards and wiping your savings. 

In unsecured sites, you also risk identity theft. Personal details can also be as valuable as banking data in the wrong hands. Impersonators can use the information you provide on online gaming sites to create false identities. A bigger risk is exposing your home address which most sites with geo-location software require. 

How Do I Know if a Gaming Site is Encrypted?

Gaming sites often come with all the bells and whistles that appeal to players. However, appealing designs and modern user interfaces don’t guarantee user safety. Encrypted sites have easy recognition marler that you can note even with an untrained eye. 

Look For The Padlock Icon

The easiest way to identify a secure site is by checking its URL bar. A secure site will have a padlock icon in the URL bar to certify that it’s encrypted. Sketchy sites that aren’t encrypted leave room for eavesdropping as you communicate with the site. Hackers can sensitive data making you vulnerable to attacks.

Read The Site’s URL

Secure gaming site URLs have the suffix https instead of http. The “s” in the locator stands for secure. This shows that the site has an SSL certificate. You can play confidently on such sites without third parties snooping around.  

Keep Off Rogue Sites

Online gaming is an immersive entertainment experience for millions of gamers. As you play your favourite games, you must mind your safety too. Identifying a safe site to play is an easy process that you can do with a quick search. Don’t compromise! Ensure you only play SSL encrypted sites.

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