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Reasons behind Amazon’s success

Reasons that make Amazon into a successful diverse organization today.

There is hardly anyone today who is not familiar with the company called Amazon. It is currently one of the largest online retailers in the world.

But only some people know it was started by Jeff Bezos in 1995 as a simple website that sold books. And within a month, it was already delivering books to over 40 countries.

In the last 25 years, the company has grown exponentially. It no longer just sells books, but everything you could possibly think of. Be it electronics, appliances, laptops, phones, utensils, stationery, clothes, footwear, or anything under the sun, you will get that on Amazon.

In 2017, it accounted for 44% of e-commerce in the US only and in 2018, Amazon reported annual revenue of $232,887 million US.

Clearly, it has evolved from being an all-in-one online shop to a diverse organization.

But what makes Amazon what it is today? What are the reasons that make this organization what it is today! 

1. Innovation
This is one of the biggest factors in their success. Their ability and commitment to continuously innovate have made them what they are today. They did not wait for anyone else to create a successful business model, rather, they continued to look for new and innovative ways to reach, engage, and interact with their customers. 

The brand trusted technology and never shied away from experimenting. Being unique helped them stand out. Their impactful innovations, such as the use of voice command for placing orders and so on, helped them stand up to the competition and retain their number one position. 

2. Catering to a diverse audience
A business that caters to only one type of audience will always have a limited target audience. Amazon offers a wide variety of products that cater to different (more like all) segments of society. There is something for everyone, irrespective of their profession, age, or budget. One can simply find anything and everything on Amazon. They have a diverse customer base that is continuously growing. This diversification adds value to the organization.

3. Incredible customer service
Easy returns, timely delivery, and hassle-free ordering – makes Amazon a favorite among customers. Their customer-friendly approach that meets the needs of consumers is just on point. Starting from the placement of the order to its preparedness, dispatch, and delivery – customers get real-time updates and notifications. And once the order is delivered, they are guaranteed to get assured support in case of any grievances. 

Any complaint gets answered quickly and corrective action is taken immediately. The round-the-clock care enables them to induce a feeling of trust among their consumers. They hold a reputation for being approachable. Their employees even interact with their consumers through social media.

4. Efficient work management
Amazon does not compromise on the quality of work they do and deliver. That’s why they do not only hire the best employees but also follow a robust and performance driver work model. They have invested in every form of talent building – from training to managing. They use many tools to make it an efficient workspace.

5. Data-driven learning
Amazon relies on data. They gather data from sales, marketing, affiliate programs and analyze it to understand and make future plans. This practice helps them continuously learn more and new things about their customers. This also helps them recognize patterns and create products that are going to be meaningful and needful to their customers. 

6. User-friendly UI
Ordering from Amazon is super easy. The website design is straightforward and effective. It is designed to make online ordering effortless. It allows customers to filter out their purchase preferences on the basis of brand, budget, size, or color. 

Customers merely need to enter keywords and they will have a list of suggestive search texts. Customers even have an option to speak and search. This intuitive design and user-friendliness of the website and app interface help eventually boost sales.

This clear, easy-to-use approach to the website makes it a perfect choice for customers.

7. Never giving up spirit
Last, but not least. This enduring spirit of the organization helps them face new challenges. They never stop creating and they are always on the lookout to solve unique customer problems. They continuously work hard to make everything better for their customers. 

Clearly, there is a lot to learn from Amazon. From its work culture to work style, everything is an inspiration. If you want to succeed in your business then try following or adopting some of the practices. One of them could be investing in tracking remote workers.

If you also want to maintain the highest levels of productivity at work, you should also think of investing in software and programs, which push the employees to deliver their best, every day. Since the pandemic shifted our offices to our homes, this type of tool can come in handy in monitoring their work and eventually get the desired result out of it.

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