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Online Shop Pens Deal With Amazon Web Services In Historic Deal

Online Shop (OS) has penned a deal with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide their customers with secure hosting, backup and load management services.

Former Amazon competitor, Online Shop (OS) has penned a deal with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide their customers with secure hosting, backup and load management services as the company ceases its marketplace function in favor of a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) enabled solution, taking its competing marketplace function down as a result. 

The new service will provide users with the ability to quickly and efficiently open e-commerce solutions in form of shops to start selling goods/services easily, and affordably worldwide, with starting point being the United Kingdom. 

The strategic partnership between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Online Shop (OS) will provide existing and new customers with award winning secure storage, including the storage and military grade obfuscation of code, customer payment processing data and logistics information. The partnership will also see Online Shop (OS) adopt a brand new iteration of Amazon’s award winning CDN (Content Delivery Network) that will localize content and deliver it from locally hosted servers worldwide to customers of shop operators which are powered by Online Shop (OS), including audio and video streaming for enterprise customers.

The solutions provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) will add new layers of security, compliance adherence and efficient data processing to the already growing repertoire of services and solutions offered by Online Shop (OS).

Chief Executive Officer, Terry McGinnis made the following statement on the new deal: 

“We’re very excited to partner with AWS for great part of our [technology] stack, this also puts an end to our marketplace competition and enables greater co-operation between both us at Online Shop and Amazon. 

We host quite a few enterprise customers and their custom shopfront and logistics solutions that require and encompass huge resources which are processed at our inhouse data centers in Harrogate. We have been in talks with Amazon for quite some time, and made the strategic decision to integrate some of our core services with Amazon’s offerings which should enable more flexible and faster growth rate for us as a company.” 

Online Shop had grown to become one of Britain’s largest e-commerce services, servicing some 12 million visitors a month since its inception in April of 2021. The company has provided and is currently providing services and products to some of the largest retailer brands worldwide, Louis Vuitton and Disney to be the biggest case study wins to come out of the company.

Online Shop is also opening its enterprise level of products to a wider audience, including educational institutions, offering free membership to some of its subscription plans. 

Siraaj Ahmed, Chief Technology Officer made the following statement: 

“We’re really evolving. Very quickly. We’re trying to be a communal playground, encompassing developers and business owners, entrepreneurs, even students – you name it. It’s hard to compact such incredible technology into an accessible solution but our hard working team has done just that and continues to deliver on deliverables required for our pivot and explosive growth. 

This strategic partnership with Amazon will enable us to provide scaling services to our existing and new enterprise customer base, meaning that they can save on cost without sacrificing on quality. 

What this means for our customers is increased speed and performance, confidence in the solutions we provide and of course increased anonymity when it comes to our blockchain and Web 3.0 solutions. We’re the first to do a lot of things differently and this is what Amazon also sees in us and our team. This deal enables them and us to continuously invest in the future of commerce itself and transactional user behaviour.”

The company is also aiming to evolve the sometimes lacking entertainment and social media industry with interactive shopping experiences, augmented and virtual reality solutions and streaming processing for customers via TikTok and Instagram and several music streaming platforms for music and audiobooks, adding Ziad Barakat, Alan Zadeh and former influencer Michelle Byun into shareholder and directorship positions to help the company takeover the U.S. and Canada market, and to appeal to a more youthful market who are looking to start their business ventures online and offline.

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