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Is Cloud Gaming Going To Revolutionise The Way Gamers Play?

5G and incredibly capable graphic processing are ushering in a new era in the iGaming world.

When the first commercially viable computers reached the shelves in the 70s, the first electronic games weren’t far behind. The gaming industry always follows the latest tech trends, incorporating them into new products, and what a time it is for tech innovations! 5G and incredibly capable graphic processing are ushering in a new era in the iGaming world. Here’s what to expect. 

Cloud Gazing

The concept is fairly new, but it already has some heavyweights in its arena: PlayStation, Xbox, and Google are currently the major players. Cloud gaming is like Netflix for gamers. You don’t need a DVD player to watch a movie on Netflix; you also don’t need a console to play video games with PlayStation Now, Xbox Game Pass, or Google Stadia. 

There’s no need for downloads either; the game is streamed from a remote server in a data centre. Online games that don’t require downloads have been here for a while; the online casino industry uses cloud tech for seamless, uninterrupted and secure data flow. 

In most online casinos, it’s possible to play instant games right on the browser. However, these games aren’t as graphically demanding as PlayStation or Xbox games. Now, it’s possible to play heavy games without taking up space on a hard drive. 

The More, the Marrier

Video game fans know that consoles are all but cheap. Also, they aren’t very “portable”; one must carry a bulky console around until one finds a TV to plug it in. Cloud gaming gets rid of the middleman and doesn’t require powerful machines for those looking for a good time. Such convenience is helping to popularise online gaming and enrich the gaming community. 

Do you want to play the latest editions of games like Far Cry, Hitman, and Rainbow Six, without shelling out the cash a top-notch console requires? You can find those and more than 200 other games on Google Stadia. PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass naturally promote their games on their own platforms. 

Above all, cloud gaming made social gaming much easier and much more fun. Cloud-based games also work with cloud-based storage tools. It means that now it’s possible to collect, process, and alter much larger volumes of data. Such advancements made dynamic games like Elder Ring and Cyberpunk 2077 viable and engaging. 

Turbo Mode

The innovations brought by cloud computing are speeding the progress of the industry. New games are being developed with these new technologies and possibilities in mind. It means that developers can create much richer worlds, much more realistic emulations, and better interaction between players. 

New Players

Cloud gaming became a market on its own. According to projections by MarketsAndMarkets, the cloud gaming industry will grow until at least 2024. It’s also set to cross the USD 3 billion mark in global market size. Such a promising niche is already attracting tech companies other than console manufacturers. Amazon and Nvidia GeForce Now have also joined the market. Such a clash of giants is sure to spill gold onto gaming fans. 

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