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How To Get Free Education And Skills Training From Amazon Web Services

If you plan to establish a career in tech, AWS Digital Training is a great starting point.

Today’s advances in technology and computing have led to a surge in demand for tech experts. Various industries have transitioned to remote work, increasing the demand for digital solutions. 

Tech is a fast-growing industry, and aspirants need a solid skill set to get in. However, formal education can be challenging to get, especially with its high costs. Sixty-five percent of today’s college students graduate with debt.

Amazon Web Service offers an alternative. They provide free digital training for aspiring learners. Anyone can now have access to skills and certificates when looking for a job in the tech industry.

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of the Amazon company. It provides Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and cloud computing platforms to various groups and individuals. It offers computing power, databases, content storage, and networking services, among others.

Its clients hail from various industries, governments, intelligence agencies, and commercial entities. These include NASA, Netflix, the Obama 2012 presidential campaign, and the US Navy. This variety of clientele is a testament to AWS’s level of power and security.

Aside from these paid services, AWS also offers free courses on various tech topics.

What courses do they offer?

AWS offers various kinds of programs on its platform. The courses mainly focus on computing and other tech topics. Students can opt for self-paced digital training or a more traditional classroom setup.

Digital Training

AWS Digital Training offers free courses on demand, developed by AWS experts. Their free learning center, named AWS Skill Builder, provides a wealth of information. Students can pick and choose among over 500 courses and take them at their own pace.

Students can follow organized learning plans that offer them solid fundamentals. These learning plans include cloud foundations, developer learning, networking, and data analytics.

Some courses also come in 17 languages, making them accessible to international learners. These languages include Japanese, German, Greek, Korean, and Indonesian.

Classroom Training

For learners that prefer hands-on instruction, AWS Classroom Learning might be preferable. It involves a mix of presentations, class discussions, and hands-on labs. 

Lessons can take place either in person or via video conferencing software. AWS-accredited instructors will guide students through the various topics and provide timely feedback. 

AWS hosts public lessons that anyone can access. However, users may also request private lessons for organizations and staff training. AWS Classroom Learning is not free and requires registration fees to attend.

AWS Digital Training on Partner Sites

Students can also take AWS courses outside of the AWS website. AWS Training Partners (ATPs) are official sites accredited to give AWS computing courses.

These sites include Coursera, Udemy, and edX. Courses include data analytics, cloud fundamentals, the Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning. Most classes are free, but certifications might require payment.


AWS and AWS Partners often host free learning events and webinars. Due to the pandemic, most events are now virtual with set schedules. Users may also request on-demand events, which may be helpful for staff training.

Why should I take their courses?

Many businesses face a significant skills gap. They are finding it a challenge to fill positions that need competitive computing skills. According to a 2021 study, 76 percent of IT decision-makers experienced this gap. This information implies a demand for skilled workers all across the industry.

AWS Digital Training offers affordable solutions for these businesses. They can build up their staff’s skill set and improve their performance. These courses can also help those who want to build a tech career, no matter their current industry. 

Many AWS students have proven to be successful in their chosen fields. Some are entirely new to the workforce, while others made a career change.

The courses offered are relevant across different fields, such as engineering, IT, game development, etc. Whether you are interested in interactive puzzles, websites, or software, there is a program for you at AWS.

“We make training more accessible for anyone interested in a cloud career,” Kevin Kelly, director of Education Programs at AWS, says. 

“Many graduates from our programs join us to re-enter the workforce following careers in the military, customer service, and the arts. These employees come to their new roles with the ability to offer unique perspectives to tackle on-the-job challenges,” he adds.

How to Get Free Training From Amazon Web Services

Getting free cloud computing education from AWS follows a straightforward process. Here’s what you need to do, step-by-step:

  1. Visit their website. You can access their free courses and learning plans on AWS Skill Builder.
  2. Sign up for an AWS Skill Builder account. Sign in to your account if you already have one. If not, you can register for a basic Amazon account. AWS Partners, Organizations, and Amazon employees have designated sign-in options. 
  3. Choose your desired course. Browse through the 500+ courses and learning plans on their course gallery.
  4. Study as much as you want. Spend your hours studying the course material and accomplishing quizzes and evaluations. You’ll be teaching yourself, so make sure to commit and set aside enough time for your lessons.

Invest In Your Education

Skills are essential in today’s tech workforce. If you plan to establish a career in tech, it’s time to build up your skillset. AWS Digital Training is a great starting point. It’s completely free, so you only need to invest your time and commitment. With the knowledge and certifications you’re about to get, you’re well on your way to your dream career.

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