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AWS Tips

How To Ensure Your Website On AWS Has A Great Domain

Learn more about registering a Domain name for your website on AWS.

The most complete and widely used cloud platform in the world, Amazon Web Services (AWS), provides over 200 fully functional services from data centers worldwide. Millions of clients use AWS to save costs, increase agility, and accelerate innovation, including the largest corporations, most successful governmental organizations, and the fastest-growing startups. This article is about registering a Domain name for your website on AWS. 

After registering the domain name, one should execute a domain appraisal. The phrase “domain appraisal service” means what it says. It’s a website that allows you to discover details about your domain, assisting you in determining its value and comparing it to names with similar meanings. A lot of the laborious work will be done for you by this service. Read more on a general domain name appraisal mode.

What Is Amazon S3 and Why Is It Important?

An object storage service called Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) provides performance, security, and scalability that are unmatched in the market. Every quantity of data may be stored and protected by customers of all sizes and sectors for practically any use case, including data lakes, cloud-native applications, and mobile apps. Using cost-effective storage classes and simple administration tools, you may reduce expenses, organize data, and set up precise access controls to satisfy unique business, organizational, and compliance requirements.

Register a Domain Name with Amazon Route 53

Open a browser and go to to access the AWS Management Console. You will reach the AWS Management Console Home after logging in. Make sure you’ve chosen the region you want based on your infrastructure needs in the top right corner. To locate the Route 53 service, utilize the Search bar. After selecting the service, you will be sent to the Route 53 console dashboard. You may select HOSTED ZONE from the side menu, or the CREATE HOSTED ZONE button.

Click the CHECK button after entering the domain name you want to purchase, such as The availability of the domain will be indicated on the screen, along with choices of alternatives. Next to each domain name, click the ADD TO CART button. When you’re ready, press the CONTINUE button at the bottom. Next, enter details for domain name registration on the Registrant Contact page. Please complete all fields before clicking the CONTINUE button at the bottom.

You may verify your entry on the next screen, and you can decide if you want the domain to be renewed each year automatically. Check the box next to “I HAVE READ AND AGREE TO THE AWS DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION AGREEMENT” after reviewing the Terms and Conditions and verifying the information. When you are prepared to complete your transaction, click the COMPLETE ORDER button.

As your order is processed, a Thank You page will appear. To check the status of your order, select PENDING REQUESTS from the menu. After processing, you may examine your domains by selecting the REGISTERED DOMAINS menu item.

Domain Website Hosting for Amazon S3

Now, the www prefix in the web URL is no longer necessary to visit your website. Previously, in order to send requests for your root domain to your website stored on Amazon S3, you had to utilize a proxy server. This resulted in increased expenses, extra labor, and an additional failure point. Both www and root domain addresses may benefit from S3’s high availability and scalability. You must host the DNS information for your domain using Amazon Route 53 to accomplish this. Configuration steps using the AWS Management Console are shown below:

  1. Create an S3 bucket in the Amazon S3 Management Console with the same name as your www subdomain, for example, Then, select the option “Enable website hosting” under the Static Website Hosting menu. All of your website’s content should be uploaded to this bucket, along with an index document (I use index.html).
  1. Make a new S3 bucket called or a similar name that corresponds to the root domain. Select the Redirect all requests to another hostname option under the Static Website Hosting menu, then enter the bucket name you noted in step 1:
  1. Make two records in the Amazon Route 53 Management Console for your domain. Select the value which corresponds to your root domain name when creating an A (alias) record in the domain’s DNS hosted zone:
  1. Make an Alias (A) record and change the value to the first bucket’s S3 website endpoint (the one starting with www).

Hosting a Dynamic Website

You must utilize EC2 to host a dynamic website on AWS. S3 is only utilized for hosting static websites and for storage. You may also utilize Lightsail, a VPS, in addition to EC2. Launch an empty server and install LAMP or whatever PHP-based stack you have on it in order to host on EC2. If you’ve already started using Drupal on it, you may just delete the Drupal files from the system. Then, the PHP-based stack will be the only one on the server. So, it is another way to go about it.

In this article, you learned how to host website on AWS and register a new domain name using Amazon Route 53. Read more on EC2 by visiting the link.

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