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How to create a passive income with Amazon Affiliate

Generating passive income through the use of online affiliate programs takes up only a fraction of your time with maximum pay offs.

How many people have been forced to work from home or find new, remote jobs that require them to use visitor sign in softwares to track their hours and performance? Some may choose to go the freelance route to keep their schedules flexible and afford themselves some freedom, but others may much rather work under a company because there are different benefits – such as health, dental, savings, etc – that freelancing doesn’t offer. But there’s also a third type of employee that generates passive income through the use of online affiliate programs, such as Amazon Affiliate. 

With the rising popularity of social media, it has become notoriously easy to sell products to a wide range of people. TikTokers, writers, content creators in general, have been taking advantage of this and using their platforms to generate passive income. The best part is? It takes up only a fraction of your time with maximum pay offs.

Using established platforms with user generated content

BuzzFeed is one of the best websites to utilize your Amazon affiliateship because anyone can post articles onto their website with millions of daily readers. Plus, BuzzFeed is already well known for generating listicles and their readers are highly receptive to the kind of content that appeals to their in-grained consumerism. You can highlight products such as ‘Top 10 Beauty Products TikTok Made Viral’ or ‘Top 2021 Finds On Amazon That You Need’ are probably articles that have already been written on BuzzFeed, but you get the idea. As long as your content is well thought out, it should do well. 

Leverage a social media platform for your product reviews

If you can’t be bothered to do a round-up, how about a review about a product that you currently use or love? That’s mostly the kind of mechanic that TikTokers and Youtubers do. On TikTok, they generally show drastic before and after videos or tutorials to generate interest. On Youtube, you can go a bit more in depth and talk about everything about the product, from it’s history to its manufacturing process, although most people would be most interested in the product itself and how well or not it works. Even if you are giving a brutally honest review, as long as the viewer clicks on your link, they’ll have 24 hours to make a purchase and help you earn that commission – regardless of what products they end up buying. 

Keep work and life separate by creating a blog

If you are the type who would much rather stay anonymous, you can still make a passive income from Amazon affiliate commissions. Set up a website or blog that can offer other consumers confidence in your reviews and opinions, and make various types of posts regarding the products that you are selling on your website. Even if you don’t want to stay anonymous, you can also use your day-job or profession to generate sales. People would be more likely to purchase sports related products from a personal trainer than just about any other average Joe, so use that to your advantage.

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