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How Shortcut Is Promoting Improved Project Management

An effective project management solution can address with setting realistic goals for teams, communication issues, and poor risk management.

Project managers face challenges that may be difficult to address without the right tools. They may struggle with setting realistic goals for their teams, communication issues, and poor risk management. To address these difficulties, they need an effective project management solution.

Shortcut is an effective project management platform that helps managers handle and delegate tasks. It also streamlines communication between team members across different departments. 

To learn more about how the platform and how it can help modern organizations, let’s take a closer look at its key features.

Shortcut can serve as issue tracking software to help business teams produce better and faster. To use this feature, managers only need to create a Shortcut Story to fix bugs or introduce new features.

Users can be updated on the task through a Kanban board workflow or even from the command line through pull requests. The platform allows them to apply new Stories to the workflow, develop new features, and deliver better products.

It enables managers to track company-wide progress using automatically updated Milestones, Epics, and Roadmaps. This feature lets everyone in the team see how their contributions impact the company’s larger goals.

The platform also has iterations that allow users to prioritize and track projects their team is working on within a short time. Managers can monitor these projects, or Sprints, through built-in reports that provide visibility into a team’s priorities and plans.

With iterations, regardless of the type of work they must do, employees will have a way to set internal delivery estimates. This information can show progress toward more significant and ambitious goals of the business. 

This feature offers much-needed visibility into how a team and its members work and whether they are improving their processes over time. 

The issue tracking feature also comes with a reporting capability that enables easy interpretation of data. Shortcut designed a wide range of views, from burndown charts and velocity to cumulative flow charts, to help managers visualize and monitor project progress.

The platform’s application programming interface (API) also enables easy customization, letting coders and information technology (IT) teams update the solution to fit their company’s needs better. 

By updating the platform, managers can have an automated workflow, design custom reports, and even integrate the solution with other systems or applications.

Users can build software faster by automating specific processes by integrating the platform with other systems. Several useful apps that solutions managers can integrate with Shortcut include:

  • GitHub
  • Zendesk
  • Bugsnag
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Drive
  • Clockify
  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Slack
  • Codestream

Another crucial feature is Shortcut Docs, a content management tool designed to make it easy for teams to plan and execute ongoing tasks.

This feature seamlessly integrates with the platform’s issue-tracking software, making it simple for users to plan, design, and complete projects. This integration means that documents and tasks can stay in sync automatically.

Users can connect and create Shortcut Stories, Iterations, and Epics in a Doc. This feature also supports real-time collaboration and feedback, which can help save time for team leaders and members.

Aside from creating Stories and Epics, users can also use Docs to write retros, strategies, agendas, action items, and other texts. These documents can be stored in collections, meaning users do not have to download files to their computers to save important records.

Creators of the Doc can also choose their collaborators. They can change the permission access to the file, letting them share it with specific teammates or the whole team. 

Users can also monitor the Docs they are working on to get notified when someone makes an update or comments on the file.

Shortcut addresses the challenges project managers are facing by planning their Sprints and by automatically syncing their ongoing tasks and important documents. These features enable the platform to adapt completely to clients’ needs, thus making their jobs easier and stress-free.

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