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How Cloud Technology Benefits Manufacturing Companies

When manufacturers turned to computing in the cloud, they can outsource almost all facets of their IT.

Product manufacturers face constant pressure to streamline and optimize their processes, so it’s crucial to embrace digital transformation, and that includes cloud computing. When manufacturers turned to computing in the cloud, they can outsource almost all facets of their IT.

As a result, this growing technology is being used more often in manufacturing, particularly in production processes and business operations. For example, cloud technology and other digital technology were involved in 25% of finished product inputs in 2017

Some general benefits of cloud computing include: 

  • High reliability: Operating on cloud-based servers is more reliable than software on PCs. 
  • Faster speeds and increased bandwidth: If your manufacturing organization needs to share large files quickly, you can do that with cloud-based data and files. 
  • Saves money: Cloud solutions are offered on a monthly-fee basis and don’t require a manufacturer to install onsite servers, which saves on hardware and employee salaries.
  • Saves time: Cloud-based technology is updated constantly and doesn’t require your IT department to ensure everyone has downloaded current software.
  • Business advantage: Enhanced communications and productivity give manufacturers with cloud-based servers an edge in business. 

In addition, check out these cloud benefits specific to manufacturers:

Makes Companies Agile

Technology advances at a blistering pace, and there are many new avenues for manufacturing every day. But leveraging these opportunities is easier to pursue if your company is not weighed down with 10-year-old IT equipment. 

This is where cloud-based technology can make your manufacturing company thrive. Forbes reports that cloud-based servers roll out faster than onsite systems, so manufacturers can keep pace with technology developments. 

It’s also easier to scale and customize with the cloud, so it’s less of a hassle and more cost-effective for resellers to adopt the technology, which benefits your company. These are just a few of the reasons it shouldn’t be surprising that 75% of manufacturers say it’s essential that cloud-based solutions can scale to boost agility and lower risk. 

More Educational Opportunities

Manufacturers need to take care of their employees. Some are worried that cloud computing and artificial intelligence might eliminate jobs.

But this fear can be alleviated if your company offers to train workers with new technologies such as cloud-based applications. Doing so can provide many operational benefits while also improving employee skills and morale.

Going to the cloud also may free up time that employees would spend on manual database processes. Instead, they can dedicate their efforts to high-value tasks that drive more business. 

On-Demand Product Delivery

It’s estimated that 90% of manufacturers use productivity applications based in the cloud. And 70% of these firms said that using the cloud increased their ability to meet consumer demands. 

Cloud-based systems boost on-demand delivery because cloud-based manufacturing software can see when and where the demand appears and adjust accordingly. For example, this software can review customer order histories for various months and use that information to design a forecast. 

In turn, the forecast enables the company to plan for demand and capacity. Gaps can be identified and shared with the appropriate departments to prepare for the future. 

Manage Data

Manufacturing businesses that want to stay on top of trends have to monitor recent sales and delivery data. Companies can store and manage such data securely in the cloud to track deliveries, inventory, and demand. 

A critical aspect of accessing data in the cloud is that it’s simple to share. Your company can execute real-time traceability across your suppliers and various geographic locations, and that’s critical because every part of your supply chain must be able to review information quickly.

The cloud is revolutionizing businesses in every industry. Manufacturing companies use it to drive efficiency, cost savings, and on-time delivery. As cloud-based technology improves, we can expect manufacturers of every size to report substantial benefits.

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