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GED Statistics That Will Help You Gauge the Popularity of GED in the USA

Strategies that you can adopt to ensure that you pass GED with flying colours.

The General Education Development Test or GED is a high school equivalency test that gives a diploma to people who have cleared this examination. GED is attempted by thousands of people every year. This examination is helpful for those who are unable to complete their formal high school education due to different reasons. Most organizations and all colleges consider people for work and admissions respectively only if they have a valid high school diploma or an equivalent diploma. Hence a certification that acknowledges a person’s high school level of education is a prerequisite for many educational and professional opportunities. GED is mostly taken by adults who desire to improve their quality of life by gaining better education and better job roles.  Steve Gory, the EdTech Strategist of Best GED Classes, says that “GED or high school diploma holders will make at least $9000 more annually on a full-time basis than people who don’t have the degree and also, part-time jobs pay much better with the degree than without.”

Amongst different government approved high school equivalency tests in the United States of America like HiSET and TASC, GED is the most popular examination in most states of the nation. The research conducted by the team from Best GED Classes reveals the statistics associated with the popularity of GED across different states of the country. One of the primary parameters of this research is the number of Google searches that the inhabitants of each state have conducted related to GED. The findings of this great research that is elaborated in the article titled “GED Statistics – How Popular Is the GED Test In 50 States” identify Florida, Texas and Ohio as the states where this test has the highest popularity. This article published by also provides detailed information about the test, the subjects that it includes and the minimum marks that need to be scored. It also gives you an idea about different kinds of high school equivalency tests and the ways in which you can gain high school credentials.

There are certain strategies that you can adopt to ensure that you pass GED with flying colours. 

  • Find someone who can help you stick to your preparation schedule. This person can be your teacher, a friend, a family member or someone who is also taking the GED examination.
  • Go through the syllabus carefully and determine the subjects or the areas that are difficult for you to grasp. Allocate more time for these subjects so that you become more familiar with them.
  • Prepare thoroughly for GED by taking as many practice tests as possible. Time yourself so that you can learn to give your best performance within the allotted time.
  • Attend GED training courses that will help you study for the test systematically with better subject coverage.

You can find prep classes and GED centres through This platform also offers free online GED training courses and practice examinations that will add to your preparations.

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