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From E-Commerce to Cloud Computing: The Evolution of Amazon

Learn about the history of Amazon and the subsequent birth of Amazon Prime and AWS. 

Amazon is one of the greatest inventions of the digital age. A global marketplace in its own right, selling everything from dog food to collagen serum, offering affiliate marketing and generating viral products through TikTok which has boosted many products and offered Amazon affiliates a platform to make some money during the economic crisis following the pandemic. However, this isn’t the only honey jar that Amazon has its hand in. From cloud computing down to video streaming, learn about the history of Amazon and the subsequent birth of Amazon Prime and AWS. 

It might surprise some Gen Zers to discover that Amazon initially started off as a digital bookstore. They didn’t branch out into selling other products until 2000, but they didn’t really start picking up speed in diversifying their portfolio until the later half of 2010.

After acquiring Twitch in 2014, the company began branching out into video games and started taking the industry much more seriously. This came hot on the heels of a failed venture that cost them $140 million, the predecessor of Amazon Prime, The Fire Phone. This acquisition helped them garner a huge profit and even larger following. Their foray into gaming was backed by the formation of AWS (Amazon Web Services) which bolstered Shear’s confidence in the company. The chief executive officer of Twitch Interactive mentioned that AWS offered an “attractive” deal and their experience in the media field is beneficial to their need for content licensing. 

All this couldn’t have been made possible without their AWS service, which started off as something of a side hustle or an afterthought. However, as they were considered pioneers in the industry, they have naturally become industry leaders when it comes to cloud computing and services, with companies and governments all over the world employing their services to bettering their in-house systems. 

Today, Amazon is utilizing its tech and incorporating voice recognition as part of their call-center services due to the growing demand for cloud services especially in the midst of a pandemic which has caused global panic. 

The firm’s first cloud computing division said in a statement that, “AWS builds a voice print for customers who opt in to save time on calls. Enterprises using the service set how confident it needs to be for authentication to be automatic, or for requiring manual confirmation of a customer’s account.”

With the digital age upon us and seeping into every aspect of our lives, it should come as no surprise that machine learning and A.I. are next on AWS’ to-do list. Predictive maintenance down to visual supervision implanted into their manufacturing or on-site construction will ensure that their products are as durable as possible. Furthermore, with this technology, they will be able to cut down on manpower while capitalizing on profit. Over time, Amazon will not just become a titan, but a self-sustaining titan that doesn’t require reliance on any one client, consumer, economy, or country, but bearing their own weight with the work that they are doing and have already done.

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