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Five Invaluable Skills That Will Help You To Make It As An Amazon Seller

Five essential skills for budding Amazon entrepreneurs and start-ups.  

Making it on Amazon isn’t easy. There are dozens more who’ve failed to make the cut for every success story. While one single mom makes her millions, a thriving entrepreneur shoots their shot, crashes, and burns. Another makes only a modest profit.

What separates these people from one another is a specific skill set, in the sense that some of them have these attributes and others don’t. In this article, we’ll look at five essential for budding Amazon entrepreneurs and start-ups.  


In today’s world, eCommerce has gone global. Thanks to sites like Amazon, it’s possible for even the most small-scale business to attract an international client base — so long as they can communicate with them. This is where being bilingual helps.

Say you’re looking to expand into France. One of the most valuable things you can do for your business is to learn French. Online sites like Preply have made this easier. They offer both one-to-one tuition and a wealth of resources.

SEO know-how

Being able to communicate with your customers and speak the same language is a great start, but it doesn’t stop there. You also need to understand SEO and how it works, with a particular emphasis on keywords.

Like many online marketplaces, Amazon brings up results based on what customers type in, meaning your adverts need to include whatever keywords they’re using to find products like yours. However, be careful not to overstuff these; your prose should always remain professional and well-written, with the inclusion of keywords being second to readability.

Professional-looking photography

Thanks to the advent of smartphones, many of us are now capable of snapping high-quality images. If you’re selling on Amazon, though, where the competition is fierce, you may want to pay for a professional photographer to take product photos.

That’s because a picture speaks a thousand words – and also helps to create the first impression of your products. Many Amazon customers will look at the accompanying images before reading the description, so if they’re not impressed by them, you’re going to fall at the first hurdle.  

Engaging copy

As we mentioned, keywords are an essential component in making product listings discoverable, but they’re not the only text that needs to be included in descriptions. As online buyers can’t see the item you’re selling in the flesh or direct their questions to a salesperson, you must have all relevant information as written copy.

Make the decision easy for buyers by providing answers to any questions they might have without being asked. However, don’t make it too dry and technical. To some extent, it’s about selling the dream and making them want to keep reading.


This last one is perhaps the most important skill on this list. To be a successful Amazon seller, you must understand and apply the analytics data available to you. This will reveal invaluable insights about customer behavior, your company and products, and their strengths and weaknesses.

Even if what you see is disheartening at first, don’t be deterred. Instead, consider ways to turn your bad points around and capitalize on what you’re doing well.

With Amazon, it comes down to having sufficient dedication, determination, patience, and the right skillset. Success will not come overnight. It results from years of hard work and a commitment to improving. That means it can be enjoyed by anyone who has the right attributes. So keep trying, and perhaps you could be the next big success.   

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