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Finding A Trusted IT Vendor For Cloud Development: Mission Possible?

In this article, we’ll tell you how to find the right IT vendor for cloud development services.

One of the latest trends in the field of technology is the rapid growth in demand for cloud development services. Reduced power requirements, access to the latest computing tools, high data processing speed, and security – these advantages are attracting an increasing number of companies to use cloud technologies. To work effectively with cloud technologies and perform a secure migration to the cloud at no extra cost, it is necessary to have trained specialists with relevant knowledge. In this article, experts will provide valuable insights on how to choose a reliable IT vendor for cloud application development outsourcing.

Why are cloud services in demand?

According to recent statistics, nine in ten companies turn to cloud platforms and infrastructure more frequently. This leads to a substantial increase in cloud application services costs boosting the demand for top-notch professionals in the field of cloud consulting, migration, and development. In addition, businesses tend to spend up to 39% more on cloud development and infrastructure than was initially planned in their budgets. Therefore, companies are looking for skilled could engineers who will reduce their projects’ costs while providing end-to-end cloud auditing, development, and migration. 

In 2021, there were about 350,000 cloud-related jobs posted on the social network LinkedIn, and this is only in the United States. At the same time, the average salary of an IT developer in the field of cloud technologies, including certified AWS cloud developers, amounted to $112,061.

In a situation of overheated demand for specialists in the field of Cloud, many companies prefer to entrust the work with cloud services to outsourcing companies. One way or another, the issue of finding specialists is still relevant.

How do companies benefit from cloud application development?

When entrusting their cloud-related processes to a professional software development company, businesses reap the following benefits:

Time optimization

A professional IT vendor assumes full control over their customer’s database migration and storage. They implement thorough planning and track their specialists’ performance along key metrics providing the customer with regular feedback on the project’s progress. Thus, the customer’s in-house teams free up time to focus on their main tasks optimizing business performance. 


Software vendors conduct thorough audits of their customers’ infrastructure and IT architecture and provide top-class software solutions with the best cost-quality ratio to ensure effective cloud management throughout their customers’ processes. 

In addition, when outsourcing your processes, you have a vast choice of companies all over the world. If you look for cost-effective yet efficient solutions, we recommend you outsource to vendors located in Eastern Europe, Poland, Georgia, or Ukraine.  


Professional IT vendors start delivering within days after they agree with their customers on project terms. Thus, you can be sure that the transition of your infrastructure and processes to the cloud will be conducted on time allowing you to reach the desired outcomes faster.  

In-house training

At your request, skilled cloud engineers employed by your vendor can conduct training of your in-house employees in the best cloud migration and support practices to deepen their knowledge and improve expertise. 

Sensitive data protection

When providing cloud application services, your vendor’s experts are obliged to ensure that your software and systems comply with the required data protection protocols and security recommendations. 

Top-notch expertise 

When partnering with a professional software development company, you benefit from the vast technology stack, cutting-edge tools, well-devised cloud migration and development strategies, and a talent pool with a proven track record and industry-specific expertise. 

To make sure your prospective vendor possesses the required level of expertise, check their portfolio for projects similar to the one you’re going to implement. It’s also highly recommended that you interview each of your vendor’s candidates to avoid communication gaps and ensure they master the required technology stacks.

When do companies need cloud development outsourcing?

If you consider cloud migration or development while having the following processes and requirements in place, perhaps it’s time to outsource your project to a professional custom software development company: 

Complex infrastructure

Today’s most popular cloud providers, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and others offer their clients hundreds of options and services. In addition, some companies implement a multi-cloud approach. 

Tailoring all these tools and services to your company’s specific needs, especially when it has the intricate infrastructure and business logic, necessitates turning to professional solution architects and cloud engineers. They will help you choose the right services and benefit from well-tuned tools while maintaining the high performance of your operations.

High cloud spending 

If cloud costs are consistently over your company’s budget, consider turning to a professional outsourcing company to conduct an audit of your existing cloud infrastructure and suggest solutions for optimizing costs.

Need for enhanced security

When a company is largely working with sensitive data, e.g. in the Healthcare and FinTech industries, it implies using solid cloud migration and development strategies and best practices to minimize the risk of data leakage and loss.

What skills and expertise should a seasoned cloud engineer possess?

When establishing communication with your prospective IT vendor and interviewing their experts, make sure they possess the following hard and soft skills:

Technical expertise

The required technical knowledge and expertise that a suitable candidate must possess includes but is not limited to:

  • being able to work on different platforms;
  • experience in working with popular cloud providers ensured by certificates;
  • proficiency in one or more programming languages, e.g. Python, Java, .NET, C#;
  • mastery of automation and virtualization tools;
  • experience in working with software and hardware your company uses;
  • knowledge of databases and query languages;
  • proficiency in cloud networks and automated configuration procedures;
  • using best DevOps practices for automating processes;
  • experience with containerization for increased workload density, including the mastery of Docker, Open Container Initiative (OCI), Red Hat, etc. 

Soft skills

In addition to technical knowledge, every candidate you’re considering must possess advanced communication and collaboration skills. This is due to the fact that IT architects and cloud engineers must be able to effectively work with other experts including DevOps engineers, developers, QA engineers, data scientists, and more. 

Experts who will configure your systems and perform tedious data migration operations must be extremely attentive to details.

Finally, specialists who will work on your project must be interested in the latest industry trends and be able to learn quickly as handling your company’s business logic and devising complex solutions implies comprehending large amounts of new information.

How to conduct an interview with an IT vendor’s candidate?

It can be challenging to adequately evaluate the knowledge and skills of your prospective IT partner’s specialists. Based on our experience, experts has compiled a list of questions that you can ask a candidate to promptly and efficiently determine whether they possess a sufficient level of expertise:

  • What technology stack do you master?
  • What types of servers did you work with?
  • Do you have experience with custom cloud development?
  • What was the most complex innovative software product you worked on?
  • How passionate are you about problems?
  • How attentive are you and how often do you make mistakes?
  • How do you feel about criticism?
  • Name some examples of your being able to learn from your mistakes?
  • How do you interact with colleagues?
  • Can you rationally and confidently explain your decisions?
  • Can you convince your colleagues to follow your advice or recommendations?

These and other questions may concern both the experience of the candidate, their plans for the future, and their vision of the proposed project.


The increased digitalization trend within leading businesses worldwide suggests that cloud development and migration services will only increase in popularity over time. To make the best out of cloud technologies while boosting your company’s performance and reducing expenses implies entrusting your cloud operations to professionals who will tailor them to your business and industry needs. 

When outsourcing cloud development services, you not only get a team of professionals ready to start work in no time but also relieve yourself of the headache associated with the selection and management of personnel. In addition, by saving material and time resources, you will be able to concentrate on the key tasks of your business.

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