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Best Devices for Sports Betting

Some of the main ways people use online sports sites.

Sports betting is a popular pastime for millions of people all over the world. Watching sports is incredibly exciting, but betting on it can be even more enjoyable. These days, you don’t even have to go to a retail sportsbook to place a bet. You can do it all online. No matter what sports and events you like to bet on, you’ll want to find the right device that makes it smoother and more enjoyable if you’re betting online.

Different devices offer a different betting experience, and some people prefer one type over another. No matter how you prefer to get online, these days, there are plenty of options for sports betting in Canada. The law was recently changed to allow single-event betting in Canada, meaning a number of sports betting sites have now launched in the country. Some of the main ways people use these sites include:


Desktops are still one of the most popular ways to get online, although they’re not as popular as they once were compared to other methods. Most people use a desktop for working from home or accessing the internet, but there’s a growing trend on using other devices for activities such as sports betting. One advantage of a desktop is that they provide a bigger screen and tend to be more powerful. The major downside is that they’re less convenient and can’t be carried around. As a result of their limited convenience, many people these days don’t even own a desktop which also limits their use for sports betting. Still, if you do have one, you can easily use it to get online and place bets at your favourite online bookmaker.  


Smartphones are now the most popular way to get online, with over 50% of all online traffic coming from mobile devices. As the technology behind smartphones has improved and become cheaper, they’ve become a lot more commonplace all over the world. Compared to a desktop, they’re obviously a lot more convenient, as you can carry them around in your pocket without any trouble. Smartphones are a great way to get online and bet, especially while on the go. You can easily access sports betting sites through the mobile browser, and a lot of sportsbooks also offer downloadable apps. An app makes the process of finding sports to bet on much simpler, and more people than ever are downloading these apps to bet. 


Tablets such as the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Microsoft Edge are among the most popular tablets available, but there are hundreds of different options available. A tablet provides a much more convenient solution than a desktop, offering greater portability due to being lightweight and smaller. While they’re slightly less portable than most phones due to having a bigger screen, this also gives them an advantage. The larger screen means it’s easier to search through sports betting markets and place bets. If you’re using a site that offers live sports streams, it’s also much better to use a tablet as the game will be much clearer. 


 A laptop is more or less halfway between a desktop and a tablet, offering greater portability but still providing a lot of power. Compared to smartphones and tablets, they’re not as popular for betting as they’re not as convenient for betting on the go. You can still use a laptop to bet of course, but there are better options in most situations. The big disadvantage that laptops have is limited battery power. Most phones can run for many hours on a single charge, while laptops tend to burn through their power quicker. If you want to use your laptop while betting away from home, you may need to bring your cable or a portable power pack. You’ll also need to make sure you have an internet connection through WiFi.

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