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Benefits Of Cloud Technologies In Education

This is the new era for students. The era of technology. See how cloud technologies made studying and storing files for students unbelievably easy.

Any cloud-based technologies have a tremendous number of benefits that help students all over the world. Cloud technologies are currently present in most project management apps as well as online storage. Due to these technologies, students can enjoy the unlimited freedom to collaborate with various people, access personal files from any device, and secure their documents on reliable online platforms. Whatever data you want to store on those clouds, you can be sure it is safe and secure. Let’s have a closer look at the benefits of cloud technologies in education with our brief guide down below. 

Clouds are free!

Most cloud services you may come across are often free for limited amounts of data. So, let’s say you just need a cloud to store your study materials, books, lecture notes, and old papers. Any free cloud or cloud-based software can handle such a task. You don’t need to pay for a better plan or worry about running out of room in your storage. Even if the software is not completely free, you won’t regret using it. By the time you run out of all your free-given space or end a free trial period, you will already know how necessary a cloud can be for your studies. You won’t want to say goodbye, that’s for sure. 

No need for hardware

Portable hard drives have their own benefits. First of all, they allow you to keep a lot of data without cramping your devices’ memories. They can have really good storage capacity. Besides, they can provide better work for your computers, since you delegate some of the work on the external disk. Still, they come with some downfalls as well. The cost is the first thing that comes to mind. Good hardware will cost you. Though, considering the important role of such hardware, you don’t want to go cheap. The better quality your external disk will be, the more you can trust it. 

Besides, those things break, you know. Even the most expensive ones can fall and break. After all, the fact that your hard drive is external means it is more vulnerable to physical damage. Just drop it once or twice to learn about it yourself. A portable hard drive can be fixed. Though, it’s not always that people can retrieve all the information that was stored on them. Also, there is always a possibility of forgetting your portable hard drive somewhere. 

So if you are not the most organized person, you may do better with sticking to cloud technologies. The worst thing you can do to your cloud is to forget a password or about making payment. Both those things can be easily prevented or fixed. For example, you can always set a reminder to yourself about your payment dates or pay for a year or more upfront. 

Safety and security

You can be sure that your files on the cloud will not be available to anyone but you and those you choose to share them with. In general, storing all your important files on clouds can be the best decision you make in college. First of all, students are notoriously bad at following cybersecurity rules. They use public WiFi all the time. They create weak passwords and often forget to update their security software. So often, it is only a matter of time when a student becomes the subject of a hacker’s attack or a virus. 

Fortunately, whatever documents and files you store at any cloud-based software won’t face any risks during such cyber threats, at least as long as you don’t use the same password for every site, I guess. Besides, even in case of sudden shutdowns of your devices, wifi disconnections, and any similar situations, your files will be safe on any software based on cloud technologies. 

Most such apps and sites update a file at the same speed you make changes in it. So, in case of an emergency, you won’t lose any dot on your paper. Thus, as long as you keep all your important files on clouds, you won’t have to panic-search for essay writing service reviews to finish up your paper. You’ll have access to your files at any time, even if your device gets broken or stolen. 

Cooperation and sharing 

These days, studying in groups is easier than ever before. It is due to the cloud technologies and their great ability to share files with anyone you’d like. Now, you can work on a single presentation or essay even if you are hours away from each other. Think of all those project management apps like Trello, for example. They make lives for students so much easier. Anyone involved in a group project can add, edit, share, and complete documents on the project they are working on together.

Cloud technologies made the collaboration simple, efficient, and hundred percent transparent. You can always see who did what and when. So no more “one person does it all” types of situations that are so common in group projects. Everybody will have their part to work on, and be sure, their lack of investment in the project won’t go unnoticed. 

What’s more, cloud technology can be a great solution for sharing personal files without actually needing to give them away. For instance, if you want a friend to check out or proofread your final paper, you can just give them a link to your paper on a cloud with limited access. You decide what a person you share it with can go with that file. 

Easy access

Cloud technologies allow you to access your files at any time, from any device. All you need is to remember your password. So you can always be sure about having everything you may need. Most applications allow you to access files offline, so you even don’t have to worry about the Internet connection or lack of such. Besides, you may not even need to connect to any public WiFi when you work on your paper if you are outside. It will keep your devices safe and secure. Just don’t forget to update a file and synchronize files on all devices after you finish. 

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