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Amazon spearheading cloud computing in 2021

Cloud technology has spawned multiple opportunities for various industries and Amazon is taking it by its horn by launching AWS, a cloud infrastructure company. What started as a side hustle has turned into a company worth billions. Today, they have gone from an e-commerce site to a frontier in cloud computing. 

Back in May, the Israeli government signed a $1 billion deal with Amazon and Google in order to integrate cloud services for both their militia and public sector. This will enable the country to move seamlessly onto the cloud, which can capitalize on what the technology can offer Israeli citizens in terms of efficiency and economic stability. In a bid to create a more conducive environment for its people, Israel’s five-year plan will include Amazon building a cloud-based infrastructure in 2023

The centers will also act as an ecosystem, enabling Israeli citizens and their neighbours to take advantage of the training provided by the data center to facilitate the growth of startups that offer cloud-based services, in turn, strengthening the sophistication of cloud tech in the region. 

Aside from bettering a country’s digital technology ecosystem, Amazon has also penetrated the German market by providing over 500 jobs by opening a new office in Munich. Following concerns about data privacy, Amazon Web Services is collaborating with Boston Consulting Group to bring about a digital transformation. These concerns grow beyond the simple worries of how much is a fake ID, but deep seated worries about privacy leaks. In spite of these concerns, there were those who were afraid of what it means to have the nation’s data hosted remotely. Concerns which were addressed by Germany’s cybersecurity authority, who attested that hosting data outside of the country’s servers is safer than not having them on the cloud at all. 

“Those clients have overcome those compliance and security constraints and are now in catch-up mode. Because of that kind of constraint, habit and behavior in the past, they are now working more like a fast follower than a front runner,” said Klaus Buerg, general manager of AWS in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, in an interview with Reuters. 

Their foray into Germany has also brought them a step closer to Siemens SIEGn.DE, where they will work on manufacturing automation with cloud computing, as well as expanding their partnership with Volkswagen AG VOWG_p.DE to develop a marketplace for users to buy and sell industrial applications. 

In recent weeks, there have been reports of AWS offering their services to Toyota based on data analytics and how it can be utilized in data management and monetization. 

Amazon’s cloud computing unit is building a platform in order to enable Toyota Motor Corp 7203.T to analyze data based on consumer behavior to develop optimized vehicle services.

An expansion on AWS’ existing collaboration with the Japanese company, the e-commerce giant is taking the leap from industry to industry, offering their sophisticated cloud technology and expertise in that area to further its reach and bettering the efficiency and security of data worldwide, regardless of industry and application. From Israel to Germany, Amazon is spearheading cloud computing in various industries in a variety of ways and will continue to do so in the years to come. 

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