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A Beginner’s Guide to Securing a Career and Boosting your Business Using Amazon Web Services

Tips for those who seek a career in cloud computing or want to transform their business using cloud services. Inc is a name that is familiar to the layperson. In addition to being an e-commerce organization, it is also the parent company of Amazon Web Services(AWS), a platform for cloud computing that has been ranked first in its field. With its profits and significance accelerating at a high rate, AWS has become one of the most coveted cloud services in the 21st century. If you seek a career in cloud computing or want to transform your business using cloud services, this article will help you get started.

The first step that needs to be taken by beginners who aspire to gain expertise in Amazon Web Services to secure a new career or upgrade their business is to learn about cloud computing. Cloud computing refers to the provision of an array of services from data storage to developmental tools through the internet. The cloud is a virtual space where these services can be offered, stored and managed. A cloud services provider offers tools that primarily fall under three categories. The first subdivision is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). It involves the delivery of resources like data storage, operating systems, servers and processing power. The second category of services offered by cloud computing is Platform as a Service (PaaS). It offers platforms on which different systems like software, database systems and servers can be built. The third group of services is Software as a Service (Saas). It delivers different software and applications that meet various needs of businesses. 

If you aim to transform your business for better gains, shifting the work structure of your company using Amazon Web Services is one way to achieve your goal. This is because cloud computing solutions can boost your business owing to their multifaceted benefits. The cloud helps you cut down costs. Contrary to the physical and tangible infrastructure that requires a lot of space and money, the cloud is a virtual service that saves you money by reducing IT costs involved in buying and maintaining expensive equipment for your business. It also has a pay per use structure that lets you pay only for the services that you require. The cloud aids in escalating productivity because the resources it provides you are of higher standards than those that you can afford on your own. Intra-organizational and inter-organizational communication and collaboration become more efficient with the cloud. The cloud computing services you need is proportional to the change in your organization’s size. The resources offered by cloud computing service providers are scalable- for example, when your company grows, the cloud computing resources that you use grow proportionally. 

The second step is to learn the fundamentals of AWS. There are several paid as well as free platforms online that can help you in understanding the basics of AWS. Learning the basics will help you make wise decisions whether you want to gain expertise in AWS or hire AWS experts for your business. The third step is creating a well-structured plan encapsulating your targets, methods and final goals. For an individual aspiring to be an AWS expert, this would include clearing AWS Certification exams and completing AWS training programmes. For a business owner, this step would include analysing the services offered by AWS and choosing those that you need, defining an action plan that enumerates the company goals within a given time period, and hiring experts like AWS developers and architects. The third step is to gain practical knowledge of AWS. This is meant for those who wish to work as AWS experts. Getting hands-on experience in cloud computing with AWS will add credibility to your role as an AWS expert and will bring you more career opportunities. There are self-paced labs that will help you build tools and applications using AWS. It is imperative that you gain AWS certifications like AWS Certified Solutions Architect or AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner to fast track your career.

An AWS account can be created in a few simple steps. From the AWS Home Page, click ‘Create Account.’ You need to fill in the account details and click ‘Continue.’ You will be provided with two options namely, ‘Personal’ and ‘Professional’ – choose the former to open a personal account and the latter for a business account. Add your personal or business information and read the AWS customer agreement carefully before accepting it. Click ‘Create Account’ and your AWS account is ready. There are some steps for verification, payment method and AWS support plan that need to be completed before the account is activated. By using the cloud computing services provided by AWS, your business will become the epitome of efficiency and profitability. The virtualization of your business not only adds efficiency to the functioning of your company but also provides tools that are of the highest quality. This ensures that you can offer the finest services to your clients. In addition to investing in AWS, you also need to focus on search engine optimization of your website on different devices to boost your company’s online presence and increase sales. By availing of the mobile SEO services at First Page, your business will be able to increase the conversion rate of mobile customers by optimizing your mobile website design. The user-friendliness of your mobile website determines the inflow of customers as a significant part of your clients will access your services through mobile phones. Following all these measures will facilitate both individual development and business growth. 

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