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5 Top Data Storage Solutions For Software Developers

Learn about the top data storage solutions for software developers. 

There are various top data storage solutions for software developers. Data storage solutions manage, store and protect the ever-increasing quantity of business data. The best platforms for your organization provide scalability, security, privacy and unlimited connectivity. As a software developer, you’ll want to implement the most efficient solutions to simplify your pipeline and accelerate your SDLC. To help you get started, read on to learn about the top data storage solutions for software developers. 

Amazon Simple Storage Services

Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3) is a popular object storage solution for software developers. Amazon S3 simplifies web-scale computing with manageable interfaces. These interfaces store and retrieve data quantity from any location on the internet. In addition, you gain access to increased scalability with a secure and inexpensive infrastructure. As a result, you’ll be able to store backups, archive data and host static resources with the same features Amazon uses. You can even utilize this advanced functionality to enable data lake storage. Certainly, Amazon S3 is a top object storage solution for software developers. 

Docker Storage

Another top data storage solution for developers is Docker storage. Docker enables data storage as an image within containerized deployments. You can utilize the two distinct Docker storage options, data volume and bind mounts. Data volume is the section of isolated data storage within the host system. Meanwhile, bind mounts allow data to be stored on any connected device or area attached to the host system. Of course, consider protecting your Docker images, containers and data with robust platforms. In fact, JFrog provides a secure private Kubernetes Docker Registry for secure k8s cluster provisioning. Utilizing these solutions, you can benefit from unlimited Docker Hub access and a universal repository. This way, you can easily manage all of your dependencies through Docker. Surely, Docker is a reliable data storage solution for custom software developers and QA engineers. 

Amazon S3 Glacier

Next, Amazon S3 Glacier is a popular data storage solution for developers. This storage solution manages “cold” data. For example, it will store data you don’t always need but will keep for later use. This provides flexible and long-term storage while keeping operating costs low. With this configuration, you can access 90-days of data storage for as low as $.004 per gigabyte and $.05 per 1,000 upload request. More so, you’ll be able to store any type of data with no restrictions for as long as you need. Certainly, consider Amazon S3 Glacier for cold data storage as a software developer. 

Amazon Elastic Block Store

Of course, Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) is another widely-used data storage solution for developers. EBS is designed to store persistent data with three highly-accessible block level storage volumes. This includes General Purpose, Provisioned Input Output Operations per Second (IOPS) and Magnetic Volumes. General Purpose is suitable for all minimal and medium workloads, supporting about 3 IOPS. Provisioned IOPS, on the other hand, is reliable for demanding I/O intensive and transactional workloads. This volume can support 30 IOPS per gigabyte or a 10GB volume results in 300 IOPS. Meanwhile, magnetic volumes are used for standard operations such as data recovery backups and log storage. It can support volumes from 10GB to 1TB. Definitely consider using Amazon EBS as your top data storage solution.  

Amazon Elastic File System

Furthermore, use Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) as your top data storage solution. EFS provides a simple, serverless system that collaborates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other on-premise options. Using this solution, you can scale to petabytes on demand without altering your application. In fact, you’ll also be able to increase or decrease your storage area when adding or removing files. More so, users can create file systems through regional or One Zone storage classes. Of course, consider using Amazon EFS as your preferred data storage solution for various software development use cases.  

There are several efficient data storage solutions for software developers. Amazon S3 provides increased scalability, efficient features and endless data storing interfaces. Of course, use Docker storage to access data volumes and bind mounts with a private Kubernetes Docker Registry from JFrog. Next, Amazon S3 Glacier is reliable for cold data, such as information that might be needed sometime in the future. Certainly, consider Amazon Elastic Block Store to access multiple storage options such as General Purpose, Provisioned IOPS and Magnetic Volumes. Finally, use Amazon Elastic File System for serverless systems, collaboration options and scalability features. These are the top data storage solutions for software developers.

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