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5 Qualities that You Must Develop to Become an AWS Solutions Architect

Embracing top qualities to complement your technical expertise in AWS and give you better opportunities for your career advancement.

Amazon Web Services is the leading service provider of cloud computing. It encompasses a variety of tools, applications and services that aid in the multi-faceted development of organizations, businesses and individual entrepreneurship entities. AWS Solutions Architect (AWS SA) is a designation that is much coveted by people pursuing a career in cloud computing. An AWS SA is someone who plans, designs, analyses and manages the cloud computing architecture of any business. Since cloud computing has become a widespread vital component of the functioning of organizations, this designation is of utmost importance owing to the role that it plays in determining the dynamics of the business. Apart from technical skills and expertise in cloud computing, there are certain qualities that AWS SAs must possess to provide high-quality services to businesses and organizations. These attributes lay outside the technical aspects of the profession like AWS expertise, technical knowledge, experience in programming languages and database management – these qualities are holistic, behavioural and disciplinary in nature. The following are five important qualities that you must develop in addition to technical skills to become an AWS Solutions Architect.

1. Problem Solving Abilities

As an AWS SA, you will be constantly bombarded with unexpected problems as you strive every day to provide customer solutions, business plans, infrastructural designs, technical support and business solutions. An integral part of your job would be to formulate well planned and structured solutions to the problems presented by various internal and external factors involving your organization. You must think on your feet and be quick with your responses. Some of the areas that may require your problem-solving responsibilities include security, cost reduction and allocation, data management, AWS diagrams, customer services and efficient architectural practices.

2. Communication Skills 

One of the primary duties of an AWS SA is to meet customers, businessmen and clients to architect solutions, discuss services and increase sales. Hence communications skills are a necessary part of your portfolio. Business communication skills especially come in handy during board meetings, client discussions and customer management because the approval of a project depends on your ability to convey the merits and features of your model of the cloud computing architecture to the members of the organization and your clients. You must also project decisiveness as you offer architectural solutions so that your audience receives information that is clear and to the point. Your technical expertise alone will not help you sell your skill – you need the ability to confidently convince your clients that you are the best person for the job at hand.

3. Efficient Time Management

The job of an AWS SA entails a variety of tasks that are often different from each other ranging from customer management to designing strategic business solutions. These tasks occupy varying durations and need to be managed with efficacy to prevent any serious fallout. Since your daily tasks are not defined owing to the multitude of responsibilities, you need to have impeccable time management skills to meet the deadlines without compromising the quality of your service. A planner or a schedule that contains all your appointments, meetings, tasks and responsibilities as an AWS Solutions Architect will help you organize your chores and manage your time accordingly.

4. Adaptability

Each project that you take up as an AWS SA will be different from the other. Hence you need to devote time and energy to learning and understanding the nuances of each project without prejudices. You must possess an eagerness to learn which in turn will help you adapt to every new project irrespective of its nature. Gaining more experience and exposure is directly proportional to the adaptability of an AWS Architect as the responsibilities demanded by each assignment may be poles apart. Hence being flexible in executing your skills will aid in the sharpening of your expertise in AWS architecture. 

5. Staying Up to Date

Like any other field of technology, AWS is prone to constant evolution and upgradation. Instead of years, it takes only weeks and months for innovations to happen in AWS. Hence your role as an AWS SA includes being up to date with the additions of new features to this cloud computing platform. Ensure that you watch out for new AWS practices – visit discussion boards, AWS official websites and blogs by experts on this subject to equip yourself with the latest information on this field. Enrol for online courses that will train you in the new developments to this platform so that your skills are honed. This will help you remain one of the top AWS Solutions Architects in the market. 

These practices must be incorporated into your everyday activities so that they become a part of your routine. The only way to ensure success as an AWS Solutions Architect is to be consistent in what you do. These skills cannot be acquired in a day. You must devote ample time and energy towards embracing these qualities so that they complement your technical expertise in AWS and give you better opportunities for your career advancement.

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