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5 Overlooked Industries That Can Benefit From Cloud Storage Solutions

A list of industries that can benefit from cloud storage and computing solutions.

Cloud storage solutions can benefit professionals and organizations across a very wide range of industries. Some of these niches have been extensively covered in articles and blogs on the various potential uses for cloud object storage solutions.

However, others have gone overlooked. They include the following. You may take advantage of this innovation if you work in such fields as:

Property Management

Managing properties can involve numerous tasks, from collecting rent to helping landlords find renters in the first place. Thus, if you work in property management, you may need to leverage various digital tools and resources on a regular basis.

Storing all your digital assets on your own servers can be unnecessarily costly. You might instead want to store them in the cloud, which merely involves storing them on a third party’s servers. This is much more cost-effective.

Even if you already do have your own servers, using cloud storage solutions is nevertheless still a good idea. Storing backup copies of your files and digital assets in the cloud gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you won’t necessarily lose them if something were to happen to your servers.


This is one industry that can particularly benefit from making greater usage of cloud storage and cloud computing solutions. Quite simply, physicians need access to patient records to make a range of decisions about their treatment options. Not having access to a patient’s records can result in a doctor prescribing a treatment that won’t be effective or even has the potential to cause harm.

Of course, physical copies of patients’ records can be damaged. It’s thus worthwhile for doctors and other healthcare professionals to store additional copies of these records in the cloud. When doing so, they should choose a cloud storage provider that emphasizes security, as this may be key to avoiding HIPAA violations.


For obvious reasons, nonprofit organizations often struggle financially. Because they do not prioritize enriching those who run them, these types of organizations may not always thrive financially in the same way that major enterprises can.

Thus, if you run a nonprofit, you need to identify ways you can save money while still pursuing your goals. Storing your digital assets in the cloud rather than spending money on your own servers is one way to do so.

Automotive Industry

This is one niche that is very often forgotten about when the industries in which cloud computing and storage are beneficial are discussed. However, it should not be.

Automotives consist of many moving parts. As such, it’s very important for professionals in this industry to know which parts are available. This is key to efficiently manufacturing vehicles, providing customers with upgrades or replacements, and much more.

One way automotive companies can stay on top of their supply chains is by storing data related to this information in the cloud. Theoretically, they could share access to their cloud-based data with their suppliers, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.


It is vital that student data be kept secure. Naturally, educators can’t allow student data to leak out. They also can’t run the risk of losing this data, as that might interfere with their ability to properly assign a student a grade at the end of a semester. The cloud is, therefore, a very helpful tool for all educators, from kindergarten teachers to college professors.

Again, this is by no means an exhaustive list of all industries that can benefit from cloud storage and computing solutions. It’s just a list of industries where the advantages these solutions may offer are sometimes not fully considered. Keep this in mind if you work in any of these fields.

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